The Copeland Bride [Book Review]: A mini review so I don’t rant


All London knew her as “Her Highness,” the fiery temptress who robbed men of their gold.

But it was proud, untouched Noelle Dorian who was cruelly abducted by Quinn Copeland, the rugged American shipping heir, and, in one brutal act of passion, forced to take his family name.

Transformed by Copeland wealth, abandoned by Quinn, Noelle’s rare beauty blossomed in London society. But beneath her soft grace burned a vow of vengeance and a passion for the man whose jet-black eyes and powerful touch she would never forget…

For Quinn would return-to carry her off to the bold shores of the New World. Together they were destined to carve a new life in the harsh wilderness, bound by a love as glorious, as savage, as their pride.

From Soho pickpocket to society belle, from London to the shores of the New World, hers was a game of passion and chance.

|CW: rape, domestic violence, dismissal of women’s rights, racism, cheating|

1 star

Lets just say I disliked it…vehemently.

So I’m going to make this real short, because I don’t want to be super negative person.

If you know me, you’d know for a fact that I make it a principle to never give a book a 1 star rating no matter how much I disliked it, except if I found it harmful. No matter how disappointed or annoyed I am with a book, I try my best to just raise its rating above 1 star, so long it doesn’t seem harmful to a particular group of people; but with this book I just couldn’t, because for me it crossed so many hard lines.

If you want to know exactly what lines they were:

  • Glorification of rape
  • Bodice ripping
  • Domestic violence (unintentional or not, the whip shouldn’t have been in this hand in the first place)
  • Manipulation
  • Subtle or implied racism (i don’t care if the book was published in 1983, i’m still salty)
  • Outright racism (it might be 1835 or a ‘joke’, it was fucking cruel thing to say.)

The list didn’t even need to get this long for me to dislike it as much as I do. It started and ended for me with the way the authors painted rape.

In truth, this book had what it took to be the kind of book I loved. In the beginning it was just about everything I loved in historical romances; a feisty heroine who had it tough growing up (not the only type of heroine i love, but i’m just a sucker for tough heroines who deserve the world), a love interest in desperate need of humbling (i love it when the old taming the shrew theme gets turned on male characters) and a revenge theme. I was even willing to uncomfortably overlook what the male character had done in the beginning, despite how troubled it made me feel, and look forward to the rest of the book, but then the book took a shitty turn.

As angry as it made me, it was a shame to see how the book turned out. I had loved the female MC, Noelle, in the beginning, I had loved the book’s premise and it sucked to see how it ended. I am even more disappointed because one of the authors, Susan Elizabeth Philips, is one of my favourite authors and I honestly didn’t expect this from her.

To cut this short, I can’t recommend this book to anyone, but if you read it and you enjoy it, I’m glad you didn’t see it the way I did.


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6 thoughts on “The Copeland Bride [Book Review]: A mini review so I don’t rant

    1. thank you. although there were some bloggers who gave it 4 or 5 stars, i just wished i could see it like they did, but alas i couldn’t. not at all.

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      1. As a person filled with unpopular opinions , I’m sure if you can’t like it just dnf it. Its our energy and time we’re wasting trying to love something we simply couldnt.

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    2. I don’t like giving negative rating to books cause one man Poison is another food, so I totally agree with you for that.. one of the reason I hardly read historical books is cause of the same issue you mention above ( jokes, rape, domestic violence, dismissal of women’s rights, racism, cheating) which some author and reader consider as love, like come on people.
      Bravo for going ahead and reviewing this book.

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