Girl in the Clouds

with my head up in the clouds and feet rooted to the ground, a paradox is what i am…


Zainab, also known as Em (a diminution of one of her numerous names) is a 21 year old nursing student in her final year, who lives and studies in Nigeria.

The physical embodiment of chaos, she definitely knows a thousand things she’s yet to apply to her life since you know, she’s chaotic. 

She’s a freelance writer and content creator, a sensitivity reader, hobby graphic designer and wannabe photographer. She’s also a staff writer at Bubblegum Magazine and editor of Bubble Club .

Having grown up in the Global South and in a country which could be likened to ‘the theatre of the absurd’, she’s very interested in politics, it’s subtleties in life and correlation to culture.

She’s a lover of poetry, books, sunshine, non-western media and caffeine even though her doctor says she should reduce her intake.

She might also be dabbling into makeup and skincare, but she really doesn’t know what’s going on anymore.


Worderland or Em in Worderland (the full name) is Zainab’s small corner on the internet for her to share her thoughts.

Originally created and launched in February 2019 as Em’s Bookish Musings, it has evolved from being only a book blog, to a blog about books, media, life and politics (but you’ll be seeing a lot of books though).

The focus of Em in Worderland is inclusion. Being of numerous marginalised identities which are constantly under and misrepresented, this space is going to focus on the inclusion and uplift the voices of various marginalised people by giving a platform to tell their stories and showcasing different new perspectives.

Existing projects and features on Em in Worderland with inclusion as centre focus

With this in mind, do remember that as much as this is a space to promote inclusion, this is also very much a personal space which will feature personal pieces. If you’re interested in working with Zainab on more projects, you can find more information on her Services page.