The work of promoting inclusion, appropriate representation and improvement of conditions goes further than talking on one small space, for this reason I will be launching some new services centred around those objectives.

While Worderland is just a small piece of what I do, I believe some parts of it, and my work with Bubblegum, are reflective of my work and what I can do.

The services I will be offering include:

  • Sensitivity reading and consultations
  • Writing commissions 
  • Promotional services 


A sensitivity reader (n) is an individual who is hired to read and assess a manuscript with a particular issue of representation in mind.

My job as your sensitivity reader will be to read and  examine your manuscript for bias and credibility 


  • Race, Nationality, Ethnicity and Regions: Black, Nigerian, Yoruba, West African.

  • Language(s):Yoruba, Nigerian Pidgin English.

  • Religion: Muslim.

  • Sexuality and related identities: Aromanticism (specific personal identity: Grey and demiromantic) Asexuality (specific personal identity: demisexual), Bisexuality, Queer African, Queer Muslim. 

  • Disabilities and neurodiversity: ADHD, Anxiety, Chronic pain, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Speech disorder – Stuttering 
  • Socio-political issues and aspects: Colourism, Racism, Tribalism, Nigerian cultures, history and sociopolitical issues

  • Trauma related areas: Emotional trauma

  • Other areas: Medical and mental health facts

Note: With the exception of medical and psychological facts which are based on professional knowledge, the rest of my sensitivity reading is based on personal experience. I can only provide one perspective of each area, as no identity is a monolith. With the exception of those whose experience perfectly align with mine, my experience is a single perspective out of many.


Sensitivity Reading

  • For one (1) area of expertise: $0.005 per word
  • For two (2) areas of expertise: $0.006 per word (includes merged areas Queer African and Queer Muslim)
  • For three (3) or more areas of expertise: $0.007 per word
  • Manuscript with less than 10k word pay a fixed fee as that of 10k words ($50)

Feedback: Your feedback will include a 1 to 2 pages long editorial letter following a full and careful read of your manuscript which will feature:

Note: My sensitivity read does not endorse your work and should not be used as a shield against criticism.

After the read, I reserve the right to ask you for a testimonial (it’s something short) to be included on this page; and if you get published I request that you ask me before including my name in your acknowledgments.


Consultations differ from sensitivity reads because they do not require me to read your manuscript.

Consultations are for questions about any of the representations stated above that are included in your work.

The fee for this offer  is $45 for 3 questions, then $10 for every question above that. 


As I stated before, I now also work as a freelance writer and if you wish to commission me to write a piece for you on topics related to identity, media, books and politics, simply email me with a format I’ll be giving below.


  • 500 – 700 words: $150
    >700 – 800: 200
  • >800: $0.25 per word


Promotional services will now be available on Em in Worderland. 

I’ll be offering personalised promotional service packages. Typically consisting of cover reveal, excerpt, interview/guest post and reasons why you should read or other promotional features. A promotional package will include a cross post on Instagram or TikTok.

Other possible promotional offers are:

  • Graphics

  • Playlists 

  • Listicles

    and more

A standard price is $40 and price may vary depending on what you will be requesting. 


Sensitivity reading

Genres and age categories I read for  





Science Fiction 


Historical Fiction (particularly historical romance)

Age Categories

Middle Grade

Young Adult 



Email format 

Email address for all services and business enquiries:

Sensitivity Reading

Subject: SERVICE REQUEST [Book Title + Author Name]

Include the following information:

Area(s) of expertise needed

Book synopsis

Age category (adult, young adult, middle grade)


Publisher (if applicable)

Trigger warnings

Release date (if applicable)

Desired deadline (subject to my schedule/availability)

Specify full manuscript or consultation

Writing Commissions 

• Information on topic requested

• Expected word count range

• Desired deadline (subject to my schedule/availability  

• Site or publication on which the article will be published 

Book Promotions

Subject: BOOK PROMOTION [Book Title + Author Name]

Include the following information:

• Book synopsis

• Age category (adult, young adult, middle grade)

• Genre

• Publisher (if applicable)

• Preferred combo

• Trigger warnings

• Release date

• Desired date of posting (subject to my schedule/availability)


  • I reserve the right to decline requests and projects.

  • I will respond to service requests within 3-7 days. If you don’t get a response, please consider your request declined.

  • I require a down payment of 50% of the total price. The rest will be paid out upon completion of the project.

  • All payments will be issued through Flutterwave or Barter (due to regional issues) and will be made in USD. Exceptions may be made for clients in Nigeria 

  • A service fee of 3% will be added to the total price to cover Flutterwave’s transaction fee. Clients based in Nigeria may pay via local bank transfers which doesn’t require this transaction fee.Payment is non refundable, unless I am unable to complete the project by the agreed-upon date. 

  • Discounts are available for students (with proof of studentship), people who are currently unemployed (proof also required) and clients from the Global South

    If you have any questions regarding anything on services. Feel free to contact me using my email, the contact form or my Twitter forms.


Zainab approached my young adult historical fantasy with emotional depth, literary expertise, and intellectual insight.
The manuscript has a complicated structure, and she took great care to understand the themes and character arcs the story was striving for.
She connected narrative, historical, and academic threads to suggest ways of elevating the portrayal of the characters to do them the justice they deserve. She analysed the aspects of representation she felt worked well and explained the areas that didn’t

•••The feedback report was organised by topic and easy to follow. The entire process has been an enriching and encouraging one. I cannot recommend working with Zainab enough.Ayida Shonibar.