The Black Experience 2.0: Giving White Comfort The Backseat

It’s finally Black History Month again, and I hope you know what this means.

Hello everyone, and especially to all Black folks (I hope you’re having a great time), and welcome to the opening/introductory post of the second edition of The Black Experience.

Last year for Black history month in February, I held the first edition of The Black Experience (you can check the posts here) and this year TBE is back again and a bit different.

If this is your first time learning about The Black Experience, TBE is a blog series which aims to highlight Black stories and experiences, in the book community, media and real life. The main objective of The Black Experience (TBE) is to centre Black voices in our stories, show the difference in our experiences, as well as our collective struggles.

The Black Experience 2.0 slightly differs from the first edition because this time, TBE has a theme! 

The central theme of TBE 2.0 is Giving White Comfort The Backseat. This may seem redundant because the main purpose of TBE generally is to give a platform to Black people and centre ourselves and feelings while doing so, but white comfort and the white gaze has almost always been taken into consideration either subconsciously by us or consciously by those who are in positions to make decisions when we are to take the stand.

Black people are consistently subjected to metrics of white palatability. Being relatable, professional, mature and respectable; kindness and being soft spoken are more or less tactics to tone Black people down to become more easily digestible. And these metrics exist in every space we occupy, except perhaps with ourselves, and TBE is made to be another resting space for Black folks.

In TBE, I want Black people to be fully, comfortably and unapologetically them. With TBE, I want us to take back our voices, our stories and give ourselves the front seat. 

The Black Experience 2.0 is basically about centering Black people, Blackness and Black pride.

Post formats

The Black Experience 2.0: Giving White Comfort The Backseat will feature a variety of posts from recommendation lists, discussion posts and interviews from both bookish content creators and authors.


*Please note this schedule can change in the event of any unexpected situations or emergencies.

There will be a minimum of 5 posts every week throughout February and usually on Monday-Fridays. Extra posts may be published during the weekend.

I sincerely do hope you enjoy this series and the contributions of everyone involved.

Once again, Happy Black History Month and to all Black folks, I hope you have a good one.

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