New TBR System


Last year, when I first started blogging I began using TBRs to organise my reading and as a way of challenging myself. It was really fun at first, but I’m also a huge mood reader, so I found myself ditching formal TBRs.

At the end of the year, seeing my year in books on Goodreads, I noticed I got a little too carried away mood reading. While sometimes, using TBRs was hard, it helped me keep to a certain goal. My year in books at the end of 2019 ended up looking too white, allocishet, abled and definitely not diverse and I found that distressing.

Earlier this year, in January, I was trying to compile a list of books by Muslim authors I owned to create a spread for The Iqra Trials (a year long, reading challenge to read books by Muslim authors by the booktuber Tahirah @sincerelytahiry) when I came up with a new idea on how to organise my reading. I wanted a system that would provide an in between for mood reading and the organisation using a TBR gives, so I came up with my own reading/TBR system.

My TBR system is basically a reflection of the kind of books I want to read while still giving myself the space to choose as I like depending on my mood. Basically its about organisation and freedom, which is very much my style.

So to the list itself; it took a while to finalise on what I want and despite that, this reading system is still work in progress. I might end up refining it later if I discover I need to make new accommodations, but here’s what I have for now.

For each month, I’ll try to read:

  • 3 books by Black Authors
  • 3 books by Authors of Colour
  • 1 book by a Muslim Author
  • 1 book with neurodivergent/disabled/ mental illness/ chronic illness rep
  • 3 books with queer characters
  • 2 fantasy/sci-fi books.

These aren’t set figures, but more like what I should read on an average. I can end up reading 5 books by Black authors in a month, but so long as I reach my goal for books by Black authors, that category of the TBR is complete.

Also some books with intersectionals might count for more than one category. For example, my current read And The Starts Were Burning Brightly counts in both books by Black authors and books with mental illness rep.

I’m really excited to start with this new system.

What do you think of it? Would you do be doing something like this or do you already have one in place?


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5 thoughts on “New TBR System

  1. Oh, that’s a neat idea ! Although thoses numbers are way too high for me personally, ahah 😅
    Being a mood reader too, I can certainly appreciate how much wiggle room this system has!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i had issues with numbers too, until i figured a way to beat the system i made (which is ironic). i basically add books with intersectional characters to my tentative tbr, so i can read a book that qualifies for 3 prompts!

      for example, untouchable which i read last month was written by a black author, had a queer and depressed main character. 3 prompts at once!

      my lazy ass was proud 😂😌✨

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ooh genius !! ahaha
        I mean, the best I can read in a month is 4- so clearly… it would need to fit more than one to fit all that ahah


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