The Black Experience: Favourite Black Content Creators


Hello, everyone!Welcome to The Black Experience, a month long blog series through February, in honour of Black History Month, which features Black bloggers, booktubers and authors. This project aims at highlighting Black stories and experiences both in real life and in publishing, as well as showing our individual and collective struggles.

Today’s post is by Saoudia & I. We highlight some of our favourite black content creators. We hope you check out their blogs/channels/pages!


hi everyone, my name is saoudia and i blog @withlovesaoudia on wordpress! today i will share with you a few of my favorite black content creators in the book community! click on their name to get to their channel or blog!

1. myonna from myonna reads

2. chanelle from chanelletime

3. aissata from aissata amadou

4. whitney elizabeth from bookswhitme

5. mina from mina reads

6. aaryn from just aaryn


7. kat marielle from kat marielle


8. jocelynn from jocelynnreads

9. tahirah from sincerely tahiry

sooo here are nine content creators i think you guys should definitely check out! i hope you guys all have a nice day!

Saoudia’s links




Saoudia has already named more than half of my favourites, so I’ll be adding these content creators who I feel also deserve to be highlighted, to the list.

1. Fadwa from Word WondersFadwa is one of the first black bloggers I followed, and she’s absolutely amazing. I love her content; her reviews, her recommendation videos, her vlogs, as well as the discussion posts and blog series she hosts on her blog. You definitely need to follow her, if you don’t already.

Booktube Channel| Blog | Bookstagram

2. Etinosa from UwadisEtinosa is one of Black book bloggers I deeply admire. Etinosa tries to highlight books by BIPOC authors and especially Nigerian authors. She’s also the creator of the African Book Reviewers Directory and her blog also has Accessibility features.

Blog | Bookstagram

3. Francina SimoneFrancina Simone is the first Black booktuber I followed on recommendation of a friend, and that friend was right. I enjoy Francina’s videos and opinions. She also has a book coming out soon.

Booktube Channel | Instagram

4. Olivia Savannah from Olivia’s Catastrophe.Olivia is one of the first Black bookish content creators I followed, although I only recently started following her booktube channel. I love her reviews and bookstagram. Her photos are so creative and fun! I was super impressed when I first found her bookstagram. Olivia also gives great recommendations. Follow Olivia for quality content.

Booktube Channel | Blog | Bookstagram


5. Jesse from Bowties and Books.I felt this post will be incomplete without mentioning Jesse. Truthfully, I only started following Jesse’s channel lately (don’t ask how lately). Despite this I love their videos and I think you should follow them!

Booktube Channel | Bookstagram


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5 thoughts on “The Black Experience: Favourite Black Content Creators

  1. There are so many amazing people on this list!! I will definitely be checking out the people I don’t already follow on here.

    Liked by 1 person

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