The Black Experience: Introductory Post

Hello everyone and Happy Black History Month!

Two months ago, I announced what back then was a concept, and currently a working project, The Black Experience. The Black Experience blog series, once called The Black Intersectional Experience in my Docs file, was initially a smol concept, made up of a collection of ideas I came up with a few months back when I thought about doing something for Black History Month. At the time I wasn’t sure if this idea was worth announcing or if anyone would be interested, but thankfully, I found some really amazing people who showed interest in this idea.

The Black Experience is a month long blog series which will hold through February, in honour of Black History Month. This blog series aims at highlighting Black stories and experiences, both in the publishing and real life. This project aims at showing the difference in our experiences, as well as our collective struggles.

This blog series would include posts and videos from a couple of Black bloggers, bookstagrammers, booktubers and authors, covering a range of topics, and will be posted here on this blog.

Sadly, the schedule for this blog series isn’t settled yet, but there will post for every week day and the first weekend (which is today and tomorrow) on this blog. The actual schedule will be published later, so routinely return to this announcement.

We hope you all enjoy this series, its something we’ve all work hard on.

Till next time,


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