1st Blogiversary and Post of the Year

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my first actual post of the year, that is aside from the review for the blog tour and the introductory post of The Black Experience blog series.

A friend of mine on Twitter said that the year begins in February, and January is just a 31-day-trail, and heartily agree, lol. Much like last year, I’m making my first post in February, which coincides to the fact that, its my blogiversary!!!

Last year on February 1st, Em’s Bookish Musings went live and with my first ever review. Although I created this blog on December 31st 2018, while I was challenging myself in one of my end of the year ‘impossible tasks list’ — which is a list of things I would be too anxious to do, but I’ll to do before the next year, I think of today as my blog anniversary because it was the first day I posted anything on it. While I do, celebrate-ish and think December 31st is important, today is the day I call my blogiversary.

In one year since I launched this blog, I’ve met amazing people, made new friends, and done more than I ever thought I would. Although my following is still small and I haven’t done much, mostly because of school is super hectic, and my mental status is basically a pendulum ball, and procrastination too (I admit to my faults), I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far.

This year on the blog, I intend to do more than the previous year. To talk about more issues in the book community, to read and talk about more diverse books, to talk more about the things I wish to see in books, and to ramble and scream about books that I love — and also anime — too.

Thank you all for staying with me this past year. Lets hope this year is much better ❤

Also, because I don’t have anything special planned (too broke for a giveaway and I kinda today was my blogiversary with everything I was doing, so I couldn’t plan a special post), I’ll be holding a small Q&A. So comment on this post, with questions you’ll like me to answer, and I’ll post the answers in a week!

Till next time!

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