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Hello, bookish fam!

Today, I’m back with something new. This is something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while, but wasn’t quite sure of how its would be received.

Watching anime isn’t something I talk about on the blog, mostly because my anime is limited, but I do enjoy anime and I’ve been excited about this for weeks now.

I watched Kimetsu no Yaiba (translation- Demon Slayer) a few weeks ago, actually I binge watched it, without getting much sleep hehe, and I loved it (I’m actually watching it again for this reason and because i’m slightly obsessed). I loved characters mostly and I wanted to do something to talk more about them or some of their qualities, hence the book tag.


I’m really bad at making or following rules, but here are some basic ones to make things easier

  • Make sure you tag me in your post. I’m not so sure anyone would want to partake in this, but if you do, I want to see all your answers!
  • You don’t have to use my graphics, you can make yours, if you want to!
  • Tag as many friends as you want
  • Mention if you’ve watched Kimetsu no Yaiba/ Demon Slayer; and if you have who’s your favourite character! (I want to meet more people who love this anime)

That’s all there is! Now to the prompts


Tanjiro: A loyal character

There’s plenty that can be said about Tanjiro Kamado. His selflessness, dedication, kindness, but what stands out most to me is his loyalty — especially to his sister, Nezuko, and to those he calls his friends — hence the prompt.

Laia from An Ember in The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir is my go to choice for this prompt. Laia is so loyal to her brother that see goes through some extreme difficulties to get him back after his arrest. Some of the things she goes through are absolutely chilling, and even when she had the chance to leave she still chose to help out those who cared for her.

Another extremely loyal character, because I can’t help but mention her, is Blythe Fulton from The Dead Magic Series by Ashia Monet. Blythe, alongside Laia, is one of the most loyal characters I’ve ever read about. She goes to impossible lengths for her family and those she calls her friends, and that loyalty is endearing.

Nezuko: A strong female character

Nezuko Kamado is one of my favourite characters of Kimetsu no Yaiba. She’s my child, and I love her. She’s also undeniably of the strongest female characters I know in fiction, but physically and mentally, in the way she remains true to herself after all that happened to her.

Circe of Madeline Miller’s Circe is a strong female character. She goes through a lot of things from the time she was born to the resolution of the book — manipulation, abuse (emotional and sexual), betrayal, exile because the her power — and she manages to keep her humanity (like Nezuko) which isn’t common in gods. Circe’s true strength doesn’t lie in her magic, although its one of her strengths, but her ability to still be human after everything.

Zenitsu: An eccentric character

Zentisu Agatsuma is a special character. He is a little —ok, a lot — weird and in a way his quite lovable with how steadfast and loyal he can be, but he does have his hard faults. Despite that I love him, and he’s the babiest of baby.

Nïx, the Ever Knowing a.k.a Nucking Futs Nïx of Kresley Cole’s Immortal After Dark is perhaps the most eccentric book character I’ve ever read, almost on par with Zenitsu. Nix is one of my favourite character of the entire series, she’s more than a little insane, doing things in a rather devious manner, helping her enemies, and muttering things that haven’t happened yet to herself, and for moments when it counts she displays her power and is fiercely loyal to her sisters and allies — much like Zenitsu.

Inosuke: A competitive character

Inosuke Hashibira is a lot of things, he can be sweet, somewhat loyal, but mostly he’s crazy competitive.

I’m taking this on the authority of a friend — because my mind is quite fuddled and I can’t remember a single character who is competitive (honestly, I remember a group of characters, but singly out one character of the group gives me a headache) — and also from other people’s tweets that Altair from We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal is very competitive. I hope to read about him and other WTH characters someday.

Giyu: A severe but compassionate character

Tomioka Giyu is a character after my heart. In few words. he’s my husband.

Although they’re quite different, where Giyu can be cold, Ashbury ‘Ash’ of Tessa Dare’s The Duchess Deal is more brash, but Ash is kind of a big bear at heart.

Muzan: An evil character

Muzan Kitsubuji is a truly evil, manipulative character, but not the type you develop a crush on, because he’s so sick.

Secmis from The Wraith Kings series by Grace Draven is a definite match for this prompt. I can’t go into depth of evil she is without spoiling the books, but acting so vilely to a traumatic experience of one child and murdering the other (which is just a tip of the iceberg in comparison to all that she did) is just…i don’t know.


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5 thoughts on “Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer Book Tag

  1. Omggggg I LOVE THE IDEA OF THIS TAG! I haven’t watched this anime but I’m sensing some serious Inu Yasha vibes. Very innovative Em! I just might tag myself 😛 ♥️

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