Book Blogtober: Autumnal Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

Hello book lovers!

First, thanks to Jenniely for creating this challenge, check out her blog!

This post will be somewhat similar to the previous prompt for bookstagram, but still a bit different in its own right.

1. Dried flowers

Like in the last post, flowers — fresh and dry — go beautifully with books. Dried flowers like dried roses and larkspurs would make

2. Orange, red and yellow flowers

Autumn is the season of orange, yellows and reds, an flowers of these colours creates an autumnal feel to your shelf.

3. Halloween props

Especially in the Northern hemisphere, Halloween and Autumn go hand in hand. Adding Halloween props to your bookshelf, if you’re in the Northern hemisphere, can’t go wrong.

4. Halloween inspired or fantasy inspired Funko Pops

I don’t own any action figures or figurines, but I love Funko pops, and I hope to own a few someday. Funko Pops are rather popular shelf friends, and having a few creepy/spooky ones or some inspired fantasy novels/movies like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones or even those inspired by Disney fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast, can create an autumnal feel for your bookshelf, especially if you’re in the Northern hemisphere.

5. Harry Potter Mugs!

HP mugs are a really great add to your shelf, if you’re aiming to create an autumnal look.

6. Fairy lights.

No matter the season, fairy lights are gorgeous addition to your shelf. They make your shelf look rather (excuse the pun) fairy tale like and I’m a sucker for pretty things. Fairy lights are awesome addition to your shelf in the later seasons — autumn and winter —, and you should consider adding them to your shelf during autumn.

7. Any decorations for relevant holidays.

Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, doesn’t fall on October, and as a result doesn’t correlate with spooky season, as such any decorations for relevant holidays can be added, as well as any that’ll look really pretty on your shelf. And in places where Halloween isn’t the only relevant holiday, props for that holiday could be added.

Do you decorate your bookshelf according to the season? What decorations do add to your bookshelf in Autumn?

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