Save the Date [Book Review]


Caroline Abbott knows her way around bridezillas.

Working at a stationery store means helping engaged couples pick out the perfect save-the-date cards and invitations for their dream weddings—a dream job.

Until the bridezilla of the day belongs to her first kiss, Alexander Wilder. He’s all grown up now, running his family’s luxury hotel chain, and even hotter than she remembers from that scorcher of a smooch.

So when Caroline catches his fiancée half-naked with another man, she has to tell him. And Alex has to break it off. And of course, the ex-bridezilla goes completely bonkers.

Good thing Caroline has plenty of experience—and friends to help save her.

She also has the sudden interest of Alex, who has a proposal of his own for her. Is it just a rebound for him, or does he also feel the same spark that drew them together all those years ago?

|CW: addiction, alcohol, cheating, harassment|


3 stars for Save The Date

Childhood crushes, weddings, fake dating and stationery ; Save The Date was a cute read.

Save the Date follows the story of cutesy save the date card maker and all round fixer Caroline Abbott and her old childhood crush, Alexander Wilder.

I liked the concept of Save The Date. I loved the tropes in the book, its almost like half of my favourite romance tropes were in this book. Fake dating (i can devour books on fake dating till the day I die), oh!-look-there’s only one bed (I wept, lol) and second chance romances.

Caroline and Alex are childhood friends of sorts, who meet after fourteen years at the stationery shop she works at, Noteworthy, and creates Save the Date cards for intending couples. When they meet they discover that they still share a connection of sorts, since the simple kiss they shared when they were in middle school. She finds out Alex’s fiancee is cheating on him and then there’s a flurry of drama and fake dating.

The writing was fair. It was cute and casual and easy to follow. At first, I found it funny, but later in the book I found it occasionally annoying. The pacing was a little uneven, for most of the book it was smooth, but it fell apart in the last few chapters, the changes were slight, but still managed to bother me.

The characters were pretty ok, but I had a problem with Caroline…

The characters in Save The Date were nice enough. I liked both main characters and the supporting characters.

Caroline, was an OK character. I liked certain parts of her personality, her wit and her kindness – which is also sort of her biggest flaw. My biggest problem with Caroline is probably the fact she more or less spied on Alex’s ex-fiancee when delivering the Save the Date cards. I know she did a supposedly honourable thing, telling Alex what she saw, that much I can agree with, but I still can’t get over the fact that she was invading another person’s privacy. It all worked out in the end but, I just couldn’t get over it.

Another thing I disliked about Caroline, was her tendency to be the fix-it-girl. Kindness might be one of Caroline’s best traits, but I wasn’t a fan of how it tended to make turn herself into a mini rehabilitation centre for men who needed fixing. However, she notices this flaw in herself and works on it, so I didn’t find it so annoying.

The female friendships were to die for…

One thing I adored about Save The Date were the tight female friendships. I don’t get to see friendships — especially female friendships — so strongly emphasized in books, and seeing it in this book kind of endears it me.

I loved how close Caroline was with her friends, and how they supported each other and other women, to me it was the best part of the book.

Overall, it was a nice read…

Save The Date might not a book that’ll always stay with me but it was nice and a fun read.

If you love fake dating, second chances, cute dialogues and wedding themed books, you might want to try it out.



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Have you read Save The Date? What did you think of it?

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8 thoughts on “Save the Date [Book Review]

  1. Oooooof. This sounds like a super super cute book. I’m getting all them cutesy feels just reading your review. Ah, I can totally understand about how you feel about Caroline spying on someone. That would’ve been difficult for me as well.

    Loved your review Em! Whatcha reading next? I’m reading The Beautiful now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you! i’m reading radiance by grace draven and how to tame a beast in seven days by kerrelyn sparks 💗. i do wish i could the beautiful, although. i hope you’re enjoying it!


  2. Ohmygosh I’m a sucker for these tropes too, but I also don’t know how I feel about Caroline bc she sounds like she has ALL the features of fictional characters that tend to get on my nerves especially the thing about wanting to be in everyone’s business all the time, even if it is out of kindness 😕 I guess I’ll just have to give it a shot & see what happens! 😛

    💛 Ngoc


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