Book Blogtober: Autumnal Props for Bookstagram

First, thanks to Jenniely for creating this amazing challenge, do check out her blog!

Bookstagram is amazing place with insanely creative people and ways of showcasing books. One way bookstagrammers express creativity is by matching their themes with the season. Here are some props to give your feed an autumnal feel.

1. Dried flowers, leaves and sticks.

Nothing quite says autumn than a couple red, orange and yellow leaves, dried flowers, and pieces of dried sticks. With a good arrangement, leaves, sticks and flowers create a charming and natural look for your feed.

2. Orange, red and yellow flowers.

Warm colours usually orange, red and yellow are colours usually associated with autumn. Flowers, both natural and artificial, of these colours make amazing props for the autumn season.

3. Halloween-y decorations and costumes

The season of autumn and the holiday, Halloween, are usually, and rightly along the Northern hemisphere, associated, as such Halloween decorations and costumes make for amazing booksta props. Wands, rubber spiders and skeletons, miniature Jack-O-lanterns, a witch’s hat are nice for an autumnal look.

4. Clothing for the season.

Clothes also make great bookstagram props, especially if the bookstagrammer is somewhat visible in their pictures (a body part like the legs, or arms, upper body; or a full picture of the person). Even if the bookstagrammer doesn’t show themself, some items of clothing like a scarf, a coat, a sweater or even foot wear could look pretty in pictures, especially if they’re bookish!

5. Mugs

Cute mugs are never really out if seasons when it comes to bookstagram, and they really quite fit when trying to achieve an autumn look. Regular cute mugs and bookish mugs are good choices for an autumnal feel.

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12 thoughts on “Book Blogtober: Autumnal Props for Bookstagram

  1. Love this list! You can really get some nice flowers and leaves and add them into a photo – I should really get back to doing it as I loved it. Mugs are always an excellent idea ๐Ÿ˜† you could even use the same cup of tea/coffee/whatever you’re drinking for a whole bunch of photos and have the cup’s content become less and less ๐Ÿ˜†

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    1. yes, about the mug ๐Ÿ˜‚. and if you enjoyed taking seasonal pictures on booksta, maybe you should start taking them again ๐Ÿ’—. bookstagram should be fun.

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  2. Cute list! I dont make original content for my bookstagram feed as much, but when I do, I like using props outside, like leaves or trees or branches. Especially for the fall.

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