#BookBlogtober: Best Reading Clothes

Hello, lovelies!

Its my second post for Blogtober, although its the ninth day, I started late. First, before I go on with my prompt, thank you to Jenniely for creating this challenge, do check out her blog!

I believe clothing can add to your reading experience, especially if its clothing you’re comfortable with, with the perfect clothes (according to your preferences) and a great book, you sure to have a good time.


I love reading in sweaters, especially on chilly days when you just want to curl up with a cosy book and lose yourself. They’re so comfy and nice, I love sweater days.


Staying in a bed, wearing shorts and a sweater or a tank always sounds heavenly to me not matter the day.


I love socks! Especially the colourful and cute ones (I don’t have an bookish ones yet, but I hope to get some someday). I love how comfortable and warm they make me feel (if you’ve noticed i’m pretty big on comfort wear, lol), they kinda add to the reading experience.

Do you like any of my favourite reading clothes?

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6 thoughts on “#BookBlogtober: Best Reading Clothes

  1. OOOOOH. PJs are my go-to! Especially cocooned in my blanket and all snuggled in. Either that or I’ve slid down as far as possible in a chair and am reading. Honestly my spine is a Goddess.

    Cute post Em! ♥️

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  2. When I lived where it was cold, I was definitely a fluffy robe and warm fuzzy socks person. Now that I live somewhere hot, I am more of a swimsuit on the beach type of person. I do miss the fuzzy socks sometimes!

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