The Black Veins Anniversary Fun Post

Hello, bookworms!

Today, I’m back with a little fun post, more like fan post actually, on Black Veins.

This post is a little late because it was supposed to be published on anniversary of the publication of The Black Veins, but since I’m a bit busy with exams, I forgot to finish up with the post before the pub date anniversary (hehe), but still here I am!

The Black Veins by Ashia Monet, a ‘no romance’ YA urban fantasy book with a diverse cast, was released a little over a month, on July 17, 2019 and as been one of the best book I’ve read so far this year. Today in celebration of its first month anniversary, I’ll be doing a little fun something for it!Well, this isn’t something I’ve done in a while, or in a separate post on the blog before, but for TBV I feel it deserves this.

Basically, this post is a collection of a couple of mood boards I made for each Guardian, showing a few facets of their personality and a quote I think I’ll love till my dying breath.



Artist, barista, nerd, star lover, queenp of dry wit, loyal to a fault, unofficial mother hen of the group, ever determined in a high key badass way, Guardian of Ether.


High key genius, low key bitch (but the most charming one 😂), techie, makeup lover, highkey obsessed with pink (yes, she’s uber feminine and a strong character. who says she can’t be?!), Regina George, but with telepathy, Guardian of Mind.


Plant lover, genius, introvert, technologically challenged smol bean, 100% huggable and Guardian of Nature.


Chef, game lover, surfer, beach boy, sunshine of the group, absolute sweetheart, my lil son, 1000% lovable and huggable, did I say absolute sweetheart and a ball of goofy cuteness?, Guardian of Animals.


Biker, skater, superhero, vigilante, mystery of the group, tough rough badass with a soft spot, Guardian of Time.


Ramen lover, emo, cute grave dwelling thief (don’t worry, he doesn’t bite), ghost (maybe?), haunted, unmatched king of sarcasm, slightly mysterious, Guardian of Death.


Bi disaster, charmer, flirt, self acclaimed fuckboy, gamelover, low key a cinnamon roll, anxious bean, also my child, Guardian of Body.


A little extra quote I couldn’t resist adding.

“Because I’m a boy,” Caspian says. “And I missed my afternoon nap so I’m too tired to deal with transphobia, thanks.”

My favourite of them all and a quote I’ll forever love

Once upon a time, a young girl lost her family and discovered a new one.

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7 thoughts on “The Black Veins Anniversary Fun Post

    1. thank you 💗. and yes, snark and secrets is the perfect description for caspian, even though it took me a while to think of it 😅.

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