This or That Book Tag

Hello everyone! I’m back today with a new tag —the This or That Book Tag. I saw this tag sometime last week on Laureads_’s blog and I liked it, so I decided to do this too. The tag was originally created by Cait||C.G Drews @PaperFury, you check out her blog!

Now to the tag!

★Series or Standalone.

Series. I love standalones too, but I guess I love being with the characters for longer.

★Magic Earned or Magic Born

Magic Born. Magic Earned is awesome too, but I think I’ll go with Magic Born.

★ Enemies-to-lovers or Friends-to-lovers.

Enemies to lovers, hands down! I will die on this hill! I love, love, love, the enemies to lovers trope, its easily my favourite, or at least one of my favourite tropes in books. Friends-to-lovers is a fave too, mostly because it seems more realistic to me than instalove or most other tropes, and its a trope I can identify with, but Enemies to lovers, owns my soul. The build up from hating the other person, to reluctant admiration, a somewhat shaky something-like-friendship to lovers is something I enjoy reading.

★Hilarious Banter or Emotional Ruin.

Emotional ruin. I’m the kind of person who wants to feel everything when I’m reading a book. I want to laughter, the embarrassment and especially the tears. I love books that make me laugh and forget my reality, but I prefer books that would tear in my heart half…masochistic? i know.

★ Love triangle or Insta-love.

Love triangles, and that is very telling because I hate love triangles, mostly. I really, really dislike insta-love, they seem unrealistic to me, keep in mind its a personal thing, and worse they’re usually not well written.

★ Keyboard Smash Fantasy Names or All Names Start With The Same Letter.

Eh…none. I guess I’ll go with all names start with the same letter here. Key board smash names makes me furrow my brow so hard.

★ Mean Parents or Dead Parents.

None also. I want to read more characters who have healthy relationships with their parents, but if I had to choose I’ll choose dead parents. I don’t think I can wish for anyone to have horrible parents, dead parents are also really painful, but having a living parents who always breaks your heart is a no.

★ Supermodel Looks or Constantly Saying How Plain They Look.

Really, why can’t we have average looking characters? Not everyone in real life is super gorgeous or conventionally attractive, so why we have characters who look like this. But I’ll go with supermodel looks. Except if they have a serious mental illness like Body Dysmorphic Disorder or an anxiety disorder, a character constantly saying how plain they look is irritating. I’ll rather have an unrealistically attractive character.

★ Face On Cover or Typography Cover.

Typography covers. They’re so effortlessly pretty.

★ Villain Turning A Little Good or Hero Turning A Little Bad.

I have a soft spot for villains and bad characters, especially when they’re just the tiniest bit soft, so this is a pretty easy choice, villain turning a little good.


I’m tagging Jayati and Sepia to do this tag, if they haven’t done it yet. Remember its not compulsory to do this, but I’ll like to see your choices.

Have you done this tag? Even if you haven’t what do you think? Do have a different opinion?

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4 thoughts on “This or That Book Tag

  1. I also kind of like enemies-to-lovers (but not if it is a bully/abusive situation), but I think this is largely because I really dig villain redemption arcs and morally grey characters – and they deserve love, too!


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