Hello, April. ( and i’m finally back on the blog! *squeal*)

Unicorns, daggers and cupcakes!!! Yes, it’s for real, I’m back! *sobs and throws petals and confetti around*.

Finally after a very long two months hiatus to focus on my exams, I’m finally back. It feels nice to be back here.

How has the two months been for you? To be honest, I should have written and published this post days ago, I was just so anxious *scratches head*.

Well, its another month — April. I can hardly believe its the start of the first third of the year, how time flies.

As with any other month, for April they are new set of goal, well somewhat new goals.


This April, I have rather impossible goals, seeing the way I started the month — you can guess, I was procrastinating and letting anxiety burying me — but I’m still determined to at least try.


This month in reading, my goal is to catch up with and finish my unfinished February TBR list, or at least read most of the books listed, in addition with the following books:

Circe by Madeline Miller

Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okarafor

The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas

For the first time ever, this month I registered for Camp NanoWrimo (eek!).

Although my word count goal is pretty simple, 20k words, I’m still having problems writing, mostly because I haven’t written in so long and I seem to have lost my direction, and also because I’m scared I might mess it up and won’t do the book justice. But I still want to try my best, who knows maybe I can pull a C.G Drews and finish in 2 days (ok, ok, i can admit that a little impossible for me because i’m a really slow writer 🙃). But hey, there’s no harm in trying right.


Well, those are my goals for this month. A little ambitious aren’t I? But I want to believe I can accomplish something this month 😁.

What goals do you have for April?

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9 thoughts on “Hello, April. ( and i’m finally back on the blog! *squeal*)

  1. Ambitious is good, I do hope you get your goals for April and if not that you still at least have fun and make progress! I’m pretty much stuck with reading all the NetGalley things and hoping to clear the list a bit!

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  2. Is it funny that your name reminds me of the booktuber EmmmaBooks who I LOVEEE so much?! Lol but I hope you reach your goals this month. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i really want to read her books too! my friends talk so much about them and i want to experience what they did. and thank you, i hope i love it too and i also hope you love them when you finally get to read them ❤

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